Thursday, May 18, 2023


 I'm still on my Lori Holt streak ... this time with "Plaid" from her  "Happiness is Scrappiness" Book. That makes 3 finishes from this book, the most I've ever done from one book.  All of Lori's books are amazing.

I did make it smaller than the pattern instructions, mine finished at 42" x 63".  It may be a donation quilt, not quite sure yet.  I kept out any pinks or flowers, so it is gender neutral.

Oops, I lied, this is only the second finish from "Scrappiness is Happiness" , the third is still on the basement floor waiting to be basted. 

Plaid is a great pattern for scraps and stash.

Backed with a fun animal print found at a great price and bound with some gingham from the stash.

Big stitch hand quilted with a light blue  Guittermann thread.

I marked the lines with Crayola Ultra Washable Markers, and YES, the lines came out in the wash. I always use the blue DAWN dish soap and they come out everytime.  I do use warm water, a color catcher or 2 and sometimes let it soak a bit in the soapy water.

I'm hoping to do a Christmas quilt this year.  

Lori's "Vintage Christmas" has been bought, now to decide on a quilt .... I love all the blocks in the cover quilt, but I also love the 2 colour quilt options in that book.  I may have to start both and then it'll be next year at least till one is done for Christmas!

Happy quilting everyone :)

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Friday, May 5, 2023

 Tiny Tuesday 

A 2019 project start has finally reached the finish line, even if it's not quite the finish intended....a finish is a Finish!

Most of the 4.5 inch blocks and the alternate block setting instructions are from the RSC 2019 .

She's scrappy, so not a lot of thought was given to colours.  I'm trying to limit my choices  more now in scrappy quilts with a bit more intention.


  I know, pink 😮😮!!

 Well, I had tons of this on hand, so pink it was.

I love this blue wonky stripe, a Tula Pink fabric I believe....

so in she goes. 

The floral on the right was perfect for a border, but I didn't have enough.

A few tears may have been shed.

This was the plan, letters pieced, then I ran out of steam and finished her off as is.

The words may end up in a wall quilt.

Lots of big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton and regular hand quilting thread.

Some favourites:

OOPS, see an knot popped through, I should redo that.

These adorable little squares here finish at half an inch, way out of my comfort zone!!

Recently I've been prepping my fabric with starch which has REALLY helped with more accurate piecing ... a game changer for me !

Washed and wrinkly cozy 😊

I found out after the fact that it was started in 2019...oh well, documented here.

That's a wrap, lots of memories in this one and she's a keeper even if  she's not my favourite.  She has a special place in my quiltin' heart due to being such a good distraction during Covid.

Some current WIPs:

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Another quilt with Lori Holt blocks.
COUNTRY BOY is for my sister's grandson, Brooks.  
His older brother received one a few years ago .... so fair is fair!

Like his brother's quilt, it's backed with a cozy, repurposed flannel sheet.

Ivy, my helper for the day.  Ivy has her own quilt, kind of similar to this one.

Several Farm Girl books were used.  I love that you can mix and match the blocks to personalize.

Some closeups:

So many pieces to the scarecrow, I couldn't imagine doing the 6" version.
  Ivy has a 12" scarecrow in her quilt too, they are fun to make.

The snout and udder are pinker than they look here. 
 I thought about leaving a tassel on the tail... maybe on the next cute cow.

I did the hand quilting mostly with regular Guitermann hand quilting thread, but did use some perle cotton thread here and there.

I think there is a Fall / Pumpkin quilt in my future.... love the flat pumpkin!


Ok, I cheated on a few things as usual, this time on the horse blanket, going with a checked fabric instead of piecing tiny 1 inch squares.

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A little charity quilt using one of the patterns in Lori Holt's Scrappiness in Happiness Book.  
 Most of the star fabrics are from a Lori Holt charm pack.

She finishes up at 40 x 56 before washing.

Hand quilted, big stitch.
Baptist Fan motif 1/2 inch spacing.

Washed and ready.

So lately I make a top for a charity quilt and by the time I'm done the hand quilting I'm very attached to they linger around the house for a while before moving on to their new home.   Some linger longer than others,  much longer, lol.

She will remain unnamed... If I name her, I'll never let her go!


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Sunday, November 27, 2022

This one is for my granddaughter, Livia. She has always loved to dance, sometimes like a ballerina or silly and funny like the Grinch.  Watching her get lost in the moves, graceful or silly, warms this gramma's heart.
Here is the Link to the Be A Ballerina pattern from Be Sew Inspired. 

 I  did change it up and left out the side curtains.  The full width was too much for the 60 inch wide minky backing.

 I  had the pink fabric, but Livia picked out the blue,  purple  and multicolored fabric.

I also replaced the flowers with my granddaughter's name.

Machine quilted, free motion....a bit of a challenge since I  usually do big stitch hand quilting and was very out of practice. 

Our silly girl;

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Hudson's Birthday Pillow


A personalized little birthday present to go with the  Dinosaur quilt given for Christmas.

I used Lori Holt's 6 " letter patterns and a 24" pillow form.

A repurposed flannel sheet for the back.

It warms a grandma's heart when they love these handmade, little gifts.

Maybe next time I'll be brave and attempt a zipper on the back...maybe. lol.  It's been decades, maybe highschool home-ec class!!

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