Monday, June 7, 2021

Project Linus 2021 (Quilt #2)

A Block of the Month I joined last year, but lost interest in.

12 inch blocks

machine quilted in organic lines

 40" x 54"
Sept 2020-May 2021
Machine Quilted

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Project Linus 2021 (Quilt 1)

Scrappy, low volume stashbuster!  

Mostly 2.5 inch scraps and strips, with a few small and large friendship stars thrown in.

I had 2 width of fabric strips that I used for the top and bottom, both have been in my stash for way too long!

Hand quilted, shown on the back.

I used Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers (blue), fine line, to make my quilting lines....and yes, they did wash out :)

The shot below was "pre-washing" if you look too closely you'll still see the blue marks.

40" x 58"
Hand quilted 
@ Jan-June 2021

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Sunday, March 28, 2021


 Green is scarce in my stash, very scarce.  I decided not to use green for the tiny houses, only use green for the trees.  I'm still experimenting with them, but they will be 3 by 6 inch to go with the 3 by 3 houses.

So far at least 85 tiny houses have been built.


As usual lots of other projects on the go, just for variety. lol.

March was not a very productive month in the sewing room, however a lot of handquilting was accomplished for some very special you can see in my 3 earlier posts.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Buffalo Plaid Wedding Quilt


Well hello, welcome to my basement pin-basting corner otherwise used as my laundry room.  

I'm excited here to have the basting done and plenty of time to hand quilt before the wedding.

I know, a wedding quilt is usually fancier, but this was more their style.  Given several options early on, Buffalo plaid was the bride's immediate choice.

My son and daughter in law have been together since grade school, have 2 kids, are in their third home and are running their business together.  Life is busy.  Did I mention the 2 puppies in the mix?

The long awaited wedding was set for June 2020,  but Covid happened and the dream wedding had to be reimagined....or indefinitely postponed.

I was so thrilled to hear they were going ahead with a wedding, sooner than later and much smaller than originally planned.

The Micro Wedding on March 20, 2021, was picture perfect.   

Only 25 of us there, but it was a dream wedding.

Sunny skies, birds chirping, calm lake, stunning bride, handsome groom...

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Girl Power

Girl Power

This is my favourite quilt so far, and I gave it away!

I knew my grand daughter, Brittnei would love it as much as me.  Pregnant with a little girl on the way I felt this one was meant to be theirs.  A girly quilt for mama and baby girl to snuggle under and occasionally remember these older girly hands that stitched it together.

Girl Power was started with a Kaffe Fassett fatquarter bundle, bought to cheer me up during Covid lockdown and keep me busy.  

From cutting the cheerful fabric, sewing the half square triangles together, to handquilting and binding, GIRL POWER was just the quilting therapy I needed.

Spring is here, but the snow shovels have yet to be put away for the season.

I can't wait to start another Kaffe Fassett quilt, already on the lookout for  another fq bundle

The binding fabric was bought separately, I can't remember if it was Kaffe or Tula fabric.  Whichever, I loved it!

The backing is a well used, oooohhh so light sheet,  perfect to keep the quilt from being too stiff and heavy.


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Part One:

I'm writing this post on Nov. 24, 2020, having finished STITCHES OF LOVE this past week. It will be a "welcome to our world" quilt for my great-granddaughter, due in March 2021.

The small squares finish at one inch... it always amazes me the results those little square scraps can produce.   

For a few years I was making 9-patches from my 1.5 inch squares, not sure why, just enjoying the process...feeding my "must use every scrap" obsession!  Well, I did make quite a few, even connecting half of the rows before the project was tucked away in a drawer for over a year.

Recently I pulled it out and felt the urge to see what I should make of all these cute little 9-patches.  Around the same time my granddaughter had announced that she was expecting ...a sibling for our great grandson.   

I scoured pinterest for quilt ideas, information overload !!!  Why do I always do that??? After seeing the planned colour scheme I thought maybe by adding their colours  in the binding, setting triangles and backing that this could work out really cute.

Hand quilted , big stitch, with perle cotton.

Backed with an old flannel sheet that has been hibernating in the closet for years.  Soooo, so soft!!


Finishing up at 50 x 50 inches before washing.


Updated March 23, 2021.

Our great grand daughter arrived yesterday, a bit early.  We are thrilled and can't wait to see her even if it will be 6 feet away. 

Out for a few Spring photos before gifting.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rainbow Scrap Challenge and UFOs in Progress


There was not a lot of construction this week in the yellow housing complex.  I did make 3 more yellow plus blocks to fill in some gaps to complete the Row Quilt from some orphan blocks .

The Chick Block was made years ago and never used, so I thought Yellow February was a good time to highlight it here.

The rows below are sewn together with  4.5, 9  and 12 inch blocks. The 12 inch blocks are from Lori Holt's FARM GIRL VINTAGE book and made a few years ago.

The stars points were made with leftover triangles mostly from bindings.

The rows are just laying on top of the pink fabric which is auditioning for the background role :)

Originally I was going to set the 12 inch blocks like this ( picture below), but wanted to get some of those smaller stars and nine patches used up.

The DOUBLE DOUBLE 4-PATCH has finally become a top/flimsy.

The KAFFE HST QUILT is hand quilted ..

..and the binding bought. So excited to use this fun binding fabric.

My TINY TUESDAY  from last year is getting closer to a finishing plan. Ooops, the main part is upside down!

That's better

Happy Sewing everyone.

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