Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Yayyyy!  Done in plenty of time to enjoy before and during Christmas.

The pattern is from Lori Holt's VINTAGE CHRISTMAS, with a few changes.

42 Blocks.

Most are from "Vintage Christmas"

The reindeer was a free applique block I found online. He was just so adorable I had to include him in the fun.

The 2 hexagon flower blocks are from a project that got derailed.  I try to use a few whenever I can.

I used 2 snowmen instead of one...You can never have too many of them in a Christmas quilt :)

These 6 inch blocks were fun to make, some definitely were challenging with all the teeny tiny pieces (toy soldiers, I'm talking about you boys!). 

 Picking out fabrics usually took me longer than making the block.

I Stitched in the ditch with my walking foot between blocks and sashing, hand quilted in the sashing and free motion quilted mostly in the blocks and border.

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Friday, October 27, 2023

Vintage Christmas Progress

Yayyyyyyy, we have a top/flimsy!!

For years now I've wanted to make a Christmas quilt but other projects seemed more pressing (no pun intended, lol ).

It appears I've become a collector of Lori Holt Books and I'm happy to keep that trend going.  Her Vintage Christmas Book was the latest purchase and put to good use.  


There are so many options in the book for Christmas quilts so I know there will be more in my future.  This time I did 6 inch blocks, most are in the book but I did add a few others.

All set up for business.

That train is so stinkin' cute ....I couldn't resist a closeup.

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Sunday, October 1, 2023




Summer Nights is a pattern from Aunt Em's Quilts, offered through a monthly subscription.  
I followed most of the instructions ... as usual, substituting a few and using some orphan blocks I had lingering.

Sore hands halted my hand quilting once I was about a fifth of the way into the job.  I just couldn't keep hand quilting so I had to change the game plan.  Not looking forward to  free motion quilting on my regular machine with minimal throat space I was in a bit of a pickle.

I had never bought anything on MarketPlace before and hadn't planned to, but after hearing a family member bragging about all the great deals there I found  myself there checking out sewing machines.

Right away I saw my new to me machine!  Picked it up a few minutes drive away and got acquainted with my  Janome 6650.

The handquilting was removed and free motion quilting began.

Background done in loopy swirls.

Lots of practice with different designs.

Washed and wrinkly cozy.

I'm still sad that I can't hand quilt ... at least not nearly as much as before, but I am excited to make more quilts and finish them up with my new toy.

Here you can see the top section of the quilt that's not showing in the pictures over the fence:

The not so glamourous basement floor is a great spot for trimming just before binding.

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Monday, August 21, 2023


 A fun, easy quilt .... no triangles!  Spare Squares from Lori Holt's SCRAPPINESS IS HAPPINESS book is just one of many super cute patterns you'll find there.

My version, 54' x 66", is smaller than her pattern.

Hand quilted, big stitch with Guitterman thread. 

Binding is ready to go.

The must have toe picture ...seems to be a tradition.

My next goal is to finish a Christmas quilt from Lori Holt's VINTAGE CHRISTMAS book.  I got off to a roaring start but seem to have derailed.  September should be a good time to get back to it and still be done by Christmas. My progress so far:

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Thursday, May 18, 2023


 I'm still on my Lori Holt streak ... this time with "Plaid" from her  "Happiness is Scrappiness" Book. That makes 3 finishes from this book, the most I've ever done from one book.  All of Lori's books are amazing.

I did make it smaller than the pattern instructions, mine finished at 42" x 63".  It may be a donation quilt, not quite sure yet.  I kept out any pinks or flowers, so it is gender neutral.

Oops, I lied, this is only the second finish from "Scrappiness is Happiness" , the third is still on the basement floor waiting to be basted. 

Plaid is a great pattern for scraps and stash.

Backed with a fun animal print found at a great price and bound with some gingham from the stash.

Big stitch hand quilted with a light blue  Guittermann thread.

I marked the lines with Crayola Ultra Washable Markers, and YES, the lines came out in the wash. I always use the blue DAWN dish soap and they come out everytime.  I do use warm water, a color catcher or 2 and sometimes let it soak a bit in the soapy water.

I'm hoping to do a Christmas quilt this year.  

Lori's "Vintage Christmas" has been bought, now to decide on a quilt .... I love all the blocks in the cover quilt, but I also love the 2 colour quilt options in that book.  I may have to start both and then it'll be next year at least till one is done for Christmas!

Happy quilting everyone :)

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Friday, May 5, 2023

 Tiny Tuesday 

A 2019 project start has finally reached the finish line, even if it's not quite the finish intended....a finish is a Finish!

Most of the 4.5 inch blocks and the alternate block setting instructions are from the RSC 2019 .

She's scrappy, so not a lot of thought was given to colours.  I'm trying to limit my choices  more now in scrappy quilts with a bit more intention.


  I know, pink 😮😮!!

 Well, I had tons of this on hand, so pink it was.

I love this blue wonky stripe, a Tula Pink fabric I believe....

so in she goes. 

The floral on the right was perfect for a border, but I didn't have enough.

A few tears may have been shed.

This was the plan, letters pieced, then I ran out of steam and finished her off as is.

The words may end up in a wall quilt.

Lots of big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton and regular hand quilting thread.

Some favourites:

OOPS, see an knot popped through, I should redo that.

These adorable little squares here finish at half an inch, way out of my comfort zone!!

Recently I've been prepping my fabric with starch which has REALLY helped with more accurate piecing ... a game changer for me !

Washed and wrinkly cozy 😊

I found out after the fact that it was started in 2019...oh well, documented here.

That's a wrap, lots of memories in this one and she's a keeper even if  she's not my favourite.  She has a special place in my quiltin' heart due to being such a good distraction during Covid.

Some current WIPs:

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