Friday, May 23, 2014

A Belated Housewarming / Wedding Gift

My niece, Holly, and her husband, Adam, were married a few years before I started quilting, so they never received a quilt as a gift. Two of her siblings have been married since then and both were given quilts ... so I was feeling a bit guilty.

They live in a log cabin home, so fitting that this is a variation on the log cabin square.

I found the pattern in "Simply Fat Quarters" last summer, finally started it in January, and gave it away last weekend.  We are in Ontario and they are in Ohio ....  usually only seeing eachother about twice a year.

I stippled the whole thing and put on a scrappy binding.  For the first time I did the binding by machine  .... certainly much faster but I did miss admiring the finished  quilt while hand sewing.

On to the next project  :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the brights with white, but do you ever worry about bleeding?

    1. I use a lot of "Colour Catchers" .... I haven't had any problem yet with bleeding.