Friday, April 3, 2015

Ted's Birthday Quilt

This one was hard to give a name, so I just went with a simple 
"Happy Birthday".

I hadn't given my youngest brother a quilt yet, so a birthday seemed like a good reason!  We don't exchange gifts normally, so it should be a good surprise.  
Let the pinning begin :)

The pattern is "The Mall" from "Strip Smart 
Quilts 2" by Kathy Brown.  I made 2 small changes.  First I increased the border from 5" to 6.5" and secondly I made a solid black inner border, only 3/4" instead of the 2" scrappy one in the pattern.  I love the framing effect of the thin black inner border.
For the quilting, first I did a bit of stitching in the ditch, then some hand-quilting in the inner area. The border I did with some free motion loopy meandering.