Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another quilt for one of our employees, this one is for Tetyana.

Even though she retired a few months ago, Tetyana has come in a few times since, to help us out in a pinch.


The Final Quilt Ready for our Last Day of Business at the Cafe


The final of the 3 quilts made in appreciation for our awesome staff is ready! 

This one is for Elena (right), I think she will like the colours and the simple elegance of the design. I have used this pattern before in a quilt for my sister.

The pattern is from Gerri Robinson, found in the Jan/Feb issue of Mc/Calls Quilting.

No name again, just a reminder of the cafe (and of me :) )

I did the free motion quilting ... swirly loops ... on my trusty Janome.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Quilts for 3 Awesome Women

The cafe I've worked at since about 1980, and have owned since 2011 is closing next month.  We've been fortunate to have some amazing employees over the years.   As a thankyou to 3 of these lovely ladies ... I've made them each a quilt :)

The first quilt is for Danuta, who has been with us for over 15 years.   Dana makes a wicked Shepherd's Pie and Beef Barley Soup and also has a great sense of humour .

Danuta and I on the final day of the cafe.

My stash provided material for the front and the binding.  I hand quilted it with a white thread in a geometric design.

No name for the quilt, just a little history of the cafe.

One quilt done, two more to finish before Nov. 13!

Friday, August 21, 2015


Lacie and Josh are only about 2 months away from parenthood!!

Last Saturday we had a baby shower to celebrate.
The weather was amazing, new mommy was glowing and guests were oooohing and aahhhing over the lovely baby gifts.

I made a quilt with appliqued bunnies, the pattern is by "The Quilt Patch".

Friday, June 12, 2015


This one I've been working on for a long time using up scraps.
Free motion quilting took a lot longer than I hoped, since I have about 4 projects waiting to be done by November .  My day job keeps taking up too much time !

The basement is where I usually sew and keep my supplies, but for fmq I drag the machine upstairs and sew in front of the window.  ( yes, that is a patio table )

80 x 80

So glad to have this done...
on to the next one!
Grandbaby on the way ... time to start a special
little quilt :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ted's Birthday Quilt

This one was hard to give a name, so I just went with a simple 
"Happy Birthday".

I hadn't given my youngest brother a quilt yet, so a birthday seemed like a good reason!  We don't exchange gifts normally, so it should be a good surprise.  
Let the pinning begin :)

The pattern is "The Mall" from "Strip Smart 
Quilts 2" by Kathy Brown.  I made 2 small changes.  First I increased the border from 5" to 6.5" and secondly I made a solid black inner border, only 3/4" instead of the 2" scrappy one in the pattern.  I love the framing effect of the thin black inner border.
For the quilting, first I did a bit of stitching in the ditch, then some hand-quilting in the inner area. The border I did with some free motion loopy meandering.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Scrapbuster :)

I started this one in October/14 and finished it the first week of Jan /15. Do you recognize the pattern? ... It's  "High Five" from "Sunday Morning Quilts"  (by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison).  Since this is a baby quilt it is only 36 x 54, not nearly as big as Amanda Jean's in the book, but still a good way to use up some scraps.

I  machine stitched in the ditch between the blocks, hand quilted an x in the centre of each small square , and did a little extra hand quilting in the big squares. We spent a few days at Niagara Falls over Christmas and I totally enjoyed the veiw while doing some relaxing working on this one.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Two More Charity/Plus Quilts

**** Happy New Year !!!!

These quilts are being donated to Fresh Start Maternity Supports in St. Thomas Ontario.

This one I hand quilted.  Watching TV is so much more relaxing with  a quilt to work on.

The second one I quilted on the machine with loops and a flower in the centre of each plus

I've been working on scrappy log cabin blocks. So far I have 38 made, I need 64 to make it finish up at 80x80

So many options on how to arrange these blocks !!! So far I like this layout, but that will probably change by the time all 64 blocks are done :))