Friday, January 2, 2015

Two More Charity/Plus Quilts

**** Happy New Year !!!!

These quilts are being donated to Fresh Start Maternity Supports in St. Thomas Ontario.

This one I hand quilted.  Watching TV is so much more relaxing with  a quilt to work on.

The second one I quilted on the machine with loops and a flower in the centre of each plus

I've been working on scrappy log cabin blocks. So far I have 38 made, I need 64 to make it finish up at 80x80

So many options on how to arrange these blocks !!! So far I like this layout, but that will probably change by the time all 64 blocks are done :))


  1. Love the hand quilting! Such fun log cabin blocks.

  2. nice quilts ! good on you for the quilting - I should try new FMQ :)