Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hudson: Year #1

A  t-shirt/onesie quilt  to commemorate my great grandson's first year.
They are a 2 hour drive from us, in Toronto....but are moving at least 30 minutes closer and we are so excited because that will mean I can hop in the car and visit way more often without the stress of Toronto traffic....Yaaaay!!

I used 5 and 10 inch blocks.

I ran out of the yellow for the inner border so improvised with some white mixed in on either side.

The backing and binding are from an Ikea duvet cover.  I love using duvet covers for backings..so you'll see the other side of the duvet cover on one of my next quilts soon :)

Gifted !!  I love it when you can tell they love the quilt ...success :))

The birthday boy .... "why does Beppe have a silly fox face on her head?"

One of my favourite garden shots captured among the quilt photos.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019



# FAMILY was a special project for my neice Melanie and her family.   Some of the fabric was used to decorate the hall for their wedding ... not quite sure how long ago that was :)   Anyway, after the reception was finishing up I decided to gather up what fabric I could and use it in a future quilt for the family.

Most of the blocks are 12 inch and from Lori Holt's "Spelling Bee" and " Farmgirl Vintage,"  with a few 6 inch blocks as well:

Hand quilted with regular quilting thread and perle cotton.

 Binding time:

....and finally gifted.  

Timeline: March 2014 - April 2019
Blocks: Most are from Lori Holt's books

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Saturday, July 27, 2019


It started as a frugal plan to do some scrapbusting with a future boy quilt in mind.  Lots of 9 patches were made in green and blue.

Tiring of that....  some alternate blocks for a change of scenery at the sewing machine.   So hourglass blocks were made:


Also I added  4 1/2 inch squares of some yardage.

Then to personalize it:

Some monkeys at the wheel:

And some frogs:

... and of course a name:

Hand quilted overlapping circles with a light grey quilting thread in the centre and red perle cotton in the outer areas.

Backed with a repurposed flannel sheet.

Named,washed and ready for gifting.

This one's for  my nieces son who recently became a big brother. 

Timeline:  September 2018- July  2019

Friday, May 10, 2019

"Have Faith"  Donation Quilt

I found the HAVE FAITH Quilt Block online a while ago and finally finished 20 blocks.  Not quite big enough, I added a scrappy 3 inch border.

  This was offered as a free pattern with the request that you donate the finished quilts to a charity.  Last night I passed it on to my local guild (LFQG) and they'll find a good home for it.

This is a fun, simple 12 block (finished)....yes, yes it did take 9 months to finish but that was just all my other quilty projects fighting for attention...you all know how that goes!!

The finished ..washed and wrinkly ... quilt:

The "not-so-fancy" design wall:

Spray basting:

Hand quilted with organic lines:

Trimmed and ready for a navy blue binding:  

Full circle back to the first picture, but rotated:

Timeline: Sept. 2018 - May 2019
Quilting: handquilting (1 month)
54 x 66 before shrinkage

Friday, April 12, 2019

Children's Apron Tutorial Link

I found a cute and simple children's apron tutorial online.
Wow, a non-quilting project...it's been years.


My little princess enjoys helping in the kitchen and I love sharing my love of all things food related with her.     Hopefully I can instill a love of sewing as well!

In another life not all that long ago I ran a cafe for decades.  She would have loved to have been part of that adventure.


@ 2014 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Stitchin' and Sprayin'

Some hand stitching on my binding finally.  This project has been several years in the making... it sure feels good to be at the last stage.  Can't wait to gift this one, more on that when the time comes.

Yes that is Nascar on the tv.   My husband is a huge fan and I need to keep up with it a bit since we'll be going to a race in Bristol this August.

Some spraying, YAAAAYY for basting spray.  Goodbyyyyye pins, you will not be missed!!

This HAVE FAITH quilt top was finished some time last year, it will be given to the LFQG for one of their charities.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Slow And Steady...

Working on these 1" hexies since November last year is my long term project. It's a good excuse to buy a fat quarter or two each time I'm out near fabric:)

I started the Anthologie quilt in January this year after admiring them online last year.

The end is in sight for this special project, but still a secret .... hope to be done in a month or two.  I decided to hand quilt it rather than fight with such a large quilt getting it through the throat of my machine.

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