Friday, June 2, 2017

A Finish !!!!

I'm amazed how lovely this quilt turned out, having used tons of not so pretty, little 1.5 inch squares.

While working on the nine patches, I kept thinking Britt would really like these colours.  So it has now been finished and gifted as a wedding present to Britt and Nick.

I stitched in the ditch in the main part of the quilt and hand quilted straight 

lines in the border.

I went with a white backing in keeping with the clean, bright feel of the front.

The extra wide white material was my one and only purchase, still trying to use what I have.

Just scraped by with my last bit of this for my binding... about 12" left of my binding leftover.  I used to cut binding strips at 2.5" but wasn't happy with the result.  Now I cut them at 2.25" with a much cleaner looking finish.

71.5" x 61" before washing

90-3" plus blocks

89-3" scrappy 9-patch blocks

A photo of the newlyweds, I couldn't resist: