Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Quilts for 3 Awesome Women

The cafe I've worked at since about 1980, and have owned since 2011 is closing next month.  We've been fortunate to have some amazing employees over the years.   As a thankyou to 3 of these lovely ladies ... I've made them each a quilt :)

The first quilt is for Danuta, who has been with us for over 15 years.   Dana makes a wicked Shepherd's Pie and Beef Barley Soup and also has a great sense of humour .

Danuta and I on the final day of the cafe.

My stash provided material for the front and the binding.  I hand quilted it with a white thread in a geometric design.

No name for the quilt, just a little history of the cafe.

One quilt done, two more to finish before Nov. 13!


  1. What a lovely memento and acknowledgement of your collegues!

  2. Oh, so sorry about the cafe. You're very generous to make them each a quilt as a memento of your time together. I'm sure they will be delighted with your generosity!