Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just For Fun

I've been trying out new blocks from the book "Shape Workshop for Quilters"  from Fat Quarterly. I've been forcing myself to try some new techniques.  Here are my first attempts at machine applique .... I love it, the process and the result .   I sure hope I feel the same after trying paper piecing !!

More applique, and patchwork ... such fun !

HSTs are not my favorite to make but I do like the block.

My blocks so far ... 12 of hopefully 30.
I'm excited to gift this one to a special relative :)
Happy Weekend Everyone !!!!


  1. I really like the star quilt in your header. How big are the blocks.

    1. Those blocks are 12 inches.

      I just checked out your blog .... I'm so sorry to read about your loss of a wonderful sister, sending my condolences. ...Karen

  2. These are adorable Karen!! So bright and colorful!! Just makes me smile :) You are so talented. Hoping I'm that 'special relative' - your loving sister ;)

    1. You are special ( lol ) but it's not for you .... not this time anyway.