Friday, October 17, 2014

Sister Act

  Who better to make a quilt for than your sister ??  
Especially when she's as amazing as mine is!

This one came together pretty quick.   
56 x 56

The pattern is from Gerri Robinson , found in the Jan/Feb issue of McCall's Quilting. 
 I made it a bit smaller ( I was using material from my stash and ran short! )


  1. Beautiful quilt! I love my sister too! She lives halfway across the country and, on a recent visit, chose a half dozen of my cherished quilts to bring back home with her. It hurt to let them go but felt so good to have them cherished by her. Now it's time to make new quilts to replace the ones missing from my cabinet!!

  2. Thank you Karen for my lovely quilt!! You are pretty amazing too and you make amazing quilts!! :)

  3. What a pretty finish, Karen! Looks lovely!