Thursday, December 22, 2016


 After much procrastination .... My first attempt at a t-shirt quilt, finally done !!

I was worried about ruining Britt's WE DAY shirts, worried about colours matching, had trouble finding the border material....

I backed it with grey minky , with that and the stabilizer it made for a very warm and heavy quilt.   The backing was Britt's favourite part of the quilt and she hinted at all future quilts having a minky backing :)

It was a bit of a beast to quilt with all that weight, so I kept it simple with organic lines, using invisible thread on the top and grey on the back.

I had 3 little orphan blocks that were trying to make their way onto the quilt, but only one made the cut.

Brittnei: Here's hoping this quilt will keep reminding you of all the good memories and great freinds from your time spent with the WE DAY TEAM  , and also provide warmth and coziness as you build a future with Nick.    Last but not least, may it always remind you how much your grandma loves you.


  1. Tee shirt quilts are fun, but take a bit of thinking and arranging, don't they. I have made several and these sadly have been memory quilts. Never used Minky for the backing though, it always seems a bit stretchy to me. Flannel as a substitute makes a nice warm backing instead.

  2. I have made only one T-shirt quilt. I made many of the same choices you did here - except no Minky. It was the most well received quilt I have every given. Looks like this one will be equally loved! Nice finish.