Tuesday, October 17, 2017


As usual, I'm lagging way behind the current craze.  Better late than never.  Last March I injured my shoulder and was laid up for a few weeks.  Feeling sorry for myself, I splurged on a Tula Pink book.  I couldn't sew, but I could at least look and dream of a future project.

I was planning on doing all 100 blocks, 48 made  and plan changed.  It will make a great lap size quilt.    This one I will machine quilt.  I'm thinking of simple stitch in the ditch for the blocks, and a denser fmq of some sort in the borders and sashing.

Right now I do have a large quilt on which I'm doing all hand quilting , about halfway done.

The blue and gray blocks are from a BOM last year (Sugar Block Club) from StitcheryDickoryDock and the reds are from Tula Pink's book (except for the corner block, just a large hst). I just enlarged the Tula Pink blocks from 6" to 12".

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