Friday, August 2, 2013

This is a quilt I began for fun, not knowing where it would find a home.  This past weekend my niece was married and the quilt is now in the hands of a new family, waiting to provide lots of warmth and comfort.  I hope you guys wear it out over the years, Melanie and Nick, along with your sweet kids, Camden and Paisley.

The pattern is a Block of the Month from Jenni of  IN COLOR ORDER..  I  did all the quilting by hand and hand stitched the binding.  

This was great practice for my HST's.    Of course as usual I did not follow all the instructions so some of my corners are chopped off.  Each quilt is a learning experience so I don't mind a few imperfections !

It's a long weekend here, Yaaaay!  Now to get all the chores under control so the quilting can get started :)

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