Friday, October 18, 2013

This quilt was destined for my very special friend Jan. We met almost 7 years ago,after both of us had lost our spouses to cancer.  Our friendship helped both of us through some difficult months and years.

 The first time I saw a picture of this pattern in a magazine (McCall's Quilting July/Aug 2012), it made me think of Jan.
My plan was to have more browns in the quilt (brown being a dominant color in Jan's home décor), but somehow the blues and aquas forced their way over the browns.
I did go out of my comfort zone by working with these 60 degree angles, but it was fun and not too difficult, so I will try it again.  This quilt was classified as "intermediate" for difficulty level, which made me a bit nervous, as I had been sticking to "easy" options.

Most of the quilt is free motion quilted, several different designs from zigzags to daisies.  There is also a bit of straight line quilting in the borders.

I love this shot.  The neighbours must have been wondering about us!

Thanks Jim for helping again with the pics :)

Jan and me, two years ago
at mine and Jim's wedding.
Thank You Jan for being such a great friend over the last nearly 7 years.  So glad that we found each other!


  1. What a beautiful quilt. Such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful relationship.

  2. Love this story of friendship and happy endings.