Thursday, January 2, 2014

The planning of the quilt was a bit of a challenge .... no pattern, just a bag of material from Brittnei's (my granddaughter) travels and a request to make a quilt.   

All quilted and bound ready for a wash and dry before Christmas .   Actually 3 or 4 washes with lots of Colour Catchers.  I don't usually prewash my material, but these I had.  Even with prewashing the material, the colour catchers still picked up more bleeding from the finished quilt. 
Most of the quilting is fmq,  with a bit of hand quilting .
Our "bold traveler" at the young age of 25 is probably the most well travelled person I know.
Britt has already been to China, India, Africa, Haiti as well as many locations closer to home in Canada and the States.
Brittnei modeling the quilt with my son Josh.

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