Friday, May 12, 2017

My First Leaders and Enders Project

Well the top is done,  now trying to decide on a backing.   I wanted to do a Minky backing, but I'm pretty sure Minky only comes 60 inches wide .... about 10" too short for this job.

Since this picture, I've added a 4 inch white border all around to give it a more modern feel.

There's a fair amount of "ugly" scraps in those 9-patches, but the overall effect is not nearly so ugly :)


  1. Nice job on your leader/ender quilt!

  2. I too am making 9 patches as a leaders and enders project. There are some pretty ugly ones in my stacks too. Good job! I like the square in a square setting.

  3. It looks great! If you are still thinking about minky know that it does come 90 wide as well. The selection is just more limited.